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Oregon Industrial offers a wide range of industrial services. The summary below reflects just a portion of the vast experience we've earned over nearly three decades of practicing quality construction.



We've Read the Manual

demoOregon Industrial is proud to offer long term maintenance agreements and equipment repair to ensure your site keeps operating at top performance for years to come.

Ready to Roll:

Equipped for the Job at Hand

Our Tool Trailers are designed to carry any of a number of custom load outs tailored to fit a range of speciality and general projects.

Safety First:

The tape is there for a reason

Our dedicated Safety Manager ensures worker safety training far exceeds the requirements of any regulating body, and every jobsite is run as safe as possible.


Our Services

Oregon Industrial has extensive experience in the areas listed below, and is qualified and fully capable of providing a wide range of services outside of those mentioned here. Please contact us to learn more about the full range of custom fabrications and installations Oregon Industrial is equipped to offer!

Conveyor Systems

 Installation and maintenance of systems up to a mile long


               Elevated systems up to 40ft

               Subterranean systems

               All levels of incline

               Hopper Installation

               Custom built for a variety of materials



Tank    Fabrication, Installation, and Maintenance

               50,000 to 1,000,000 gallons

    Built to accommodate



               Black Liquor

               Sulfuric Acid


               Other highly corrosive substances

Oil Field Ready Tanks

     Oregon Industrial standard Oil Field tanks ship with the following features:

                Mild Carbon Steel Construction

                UL-142 / API-650 CertifiedOil

                Lifting Lugs

                Shop Primer

                Cleanout Man Ways w/ Covers

                Seam Inspections

                Factory Air Tests up to 5 psi

                Nozzle Fittings per Schedule

                Capacities from 90 to 224 barrels

                Oregon Industrial's Quality Assurance Seal of Approval

      Oregon Industrial offers the following options on all Oil Field ready tanks:

                 Man Ways

                 Stairs w/ Handrail

                 Spiral Staircases

                 Ladders w/ Cages

                 Flanged Fittings



    Tank2             Gauging Systems

                 Sumps and Water Draw Off

                 Flame Arrestors

                 Heaters and Insulation

                 Interior Lining

                 Reflective Exterior Coating

                 Custom Skids

                 Doubled-Walled Construction

                 Custom Vents

                 Much more by request

   All tanks and accessories are fully compliant with OSHA regulations.



    Fabrication, Installation, and Maintenance of lines to carry:






                 Sulfuric acid



                Natural gas

                Water treatment


               Carbon Steel

               Stainless Steel – Duplex 330, 317



               Fiber cast

               Green and Red Thread



Structural Steel

Tower               Platforms
                     – Elevated

               Stairs and Handrail
                       – Industrial, Commercial, Spiral


               Machinery Supports

               Pipe Bridges

                        – Fabrication, Construction, and Maintenance




Machinery Installation and Maintenance

               Furnaces – Vacuum, Gas, BlastMachine


               Hydraulic Presses – 10,000 to 500,000 tons


               Filter Presses

               Pumps – Vacuum

               Pollution Reducing Precipitators

               Emission Reducing Scrubbers

Industries Served

               Paper and Pulp Mills

               Battery Separator Plants


               Food Process

               Rare Metals

               Sand and Gravel

                Mines and Quarries 

               Commercial Development

               Steam Systems – Boilers and Piping

               Green Projects – Reduction of emissions, recycling centers, waste and pollution control




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Quality Construction for Over 25 Years.

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